Mission Trips
Life-Changing Experiences

If you have ever been on a mission trip – you know how the experience has stayed with you. We’ve been hosting mission teams since the very beginning of our ministry. Even if you decide traveling isn’t for you, you can pray and assist those who do go on the field.


Interested in going on a short term mission trip? Want to find out more? Want to help others prepare to go? Click on the overview page to explore the opportunities available.



Think you may be interested in serving in Haiti for several months to a year? Discover if this is right for you.


Everything you need to know about forming a team. All team members will want to read through our guidelines thoroughly before each trip to Haiti. Information may have changed since your last trip.



Necessary information and forms for medical missions. It is important that you read through medical information and download necessary forms each time you travel. Information may have changed since your last trip.